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Pop-jazz is a modern commercial derivative of the jazz dance that is widespread on TV and stage performances of pop stars (hence we have the name). In fact this is a jazz dance that was reborn under the influence of TV format and the culture of consumption but borrowed elements of hip-hop, street-jazz, stomp, tap, acrobatics and ballroom dances.

Pop-jazz choreography

Pop-jazz choreography it’s an emotional, skillful and dynamic. It requests the dancer to be multipurpose and to have excellent physical shape as well as cleanliness of performance, possession of polyrhythms, the art of improvisation and playing with the audience. The main aim of pop-jazz is to look good look in a shot, to be interesting, varied, and musical and to present artist with the benefit side.

The History of the origin

Pop-jazz is the brainchild of modern pop and MTV-culture. It takes its origin from 1981 when American television get a new broadcasting format of music channel with non-stop broadcast of clips of popular performers. An appearance of such stars as Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Prince and Janet Jackson has completely changed the idea of ​​dance that called jazz.

As the main goal of music video is a singles popularization than the movements should be in line with the concept and content of the composition. At the same time using of the visuals dictate terms of the choreography performances.

So by the end of 1990s conservative Broadway jazz style has become a fashionable modern direction thanks to the Muz-TV and popular performers of jazz dance.

Pop-jazz today

At the beginning of the XXI century cult figures commercial pop industry are Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and others. Choreographers use their music actively in video clips, stage performances and world live shows.

Pop-jazz style outfits:

Perfect clothes for pop-jazz training are bright, sports outfits that do not restricting movements and not hiding the body lines. While choosing a costume for training you can be guided by your own taste, dance and video clips devoted to rehearsals and training of commercial dancers. 

How to study pop-jazz style:

There are groups of pop-jazz in Dance Centre Myway from best teachers who are usually acts as choreographers of clips and live show of Ukrainian and Russian pop-stars (Ani Lorak, Sergey Lazarev, Ruslana, Gorchitza, Ivan Dorn and others).

Group timetable in Dance Centre Myway: