Krump - is a relatively young (originated in the early 1990s) American street dance, energetic and extremely sharp in its execution. Due to the expressive nature, krump often scares first time faced it people and causes negative attitude.

However, gradually learning about the origins of krump, plunging into its philosophy and recognizing the meaning of all that the krump artist expresses many dancers are partially or completely finding it in themselves and discovering that dance from quite different angle.

Despite the apparent sharpness, speed and aggression, krumping – is a dance of peace-loving, believing youth from the Southern District of Los Angeles, who, living in disadvantaged conditions of social inequality and problems with the law, splashed emotions and discontent not using violence and weapons, but in dance battles.

Style Name - K.R.U.M.P. - Is an abbreviated term Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise.

History of the krump

As an independent style krump was formed in early 2000 by two Los Angels  dancers: Ceasare "Tight Eyez" Willis and Jo'Artis "Big Mijo" Ratti. But before creating own powerful style, Caesar Willis and Ratti were dancing in the team of Thomas "Tommy the Clown" Johnson, father of the preceding to krump clowning style, which originated in 1992. Krump, we can say, grew out of the clowning and differs from it with more aggressive and dramatic manner.

"What Nirvana did for rock 'n' roll in the early '90s, so these guys are for the modern hip-hop" - once said photographer and video director Devil LaChapelle (David LaChapelle), who made great efforts for the underground and very far from popular culture Krump to became known all over the world. LaChapelle’s acquaintance with krump took place during the shooting of the video for Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera) "Dirtty". Photographer was so inspired by dancers that he came up with the idea to dedicate to it krump small documentary called "Krumped". Success of the short film inspired David to create full-fledged tape Rize, starring the very Tommy the Clown himself, Lil Tommy, Larry , Lil C, Tight Eyez, Baby Tight Eyez, Lil Mama and Miss Prissy.

Krump dancers soon became heroes of videos like "Hung Up" Madonna (Madonna), "I'm Really Hot" Missy Elliott, "Hey Mama" The Black Eyed Peas, "Galvanize" of Chemical Brothers, and commercial dance TV show So You Think You Can Dance and America's Best Dance Crew. Another proof of the recognition of krump dance industry in the U.S. was winning of the Boston krumper Russell Ferguson on the sixth season of quite conservative SYTYCD in 2009.

Krump basics

Krump education is based on variations of four basic krump movements: chest pop (movement and hitting the rib cage), stomp (powerful and crushing steps and kicks), jabs (frequent short punches of forearm or the entire arm), arm swings (sudden and powerful movements of hands, simulating attacks against the enemy). Exactly the choreography in krump is very rare. Being a street dance, krumping is based on freestyle (improvisation) and is often performed more on battles and gigs than on stage.

Founder of krump Tight Eyez tells how just from all three of the basic movements you can build a simple bunch and put meaning into it: «Stomp gives you energy, chest pop passes it on, and arm swing literally  completes the whole movement of the final explosion

  • Krump dictionnary
  • Battle - superficially resembling a fight dance competition, whose members oppose each other in turn one-on-one.
  • Biter - plagiarist, a dancer who comes to battles and seissions with the only purpose - to borrow from their members new moves and style.
  • Session - when a group of dancers stand in a circle and take turns to dance in its center.
  • Buck - unsurpassed krump dancer.
  • Callout – krumper’s call on battle of another one.
  • Labbin '- krumpers meeting aimed to exchange experiences and create new movements.
  • Kill Off - "murder", "takeaway" in Battle, the final and most powerful energy output of krumper’s staging.
  • Swag - personal and unique style in which the performer dances krump.

Hierarchy of krump

Krump is characterized by a specific structure of relationship within each dance group. Usually dancers gather together in families, led by their leaders - Big Homie, which are the strongest and most respected dancers in the family. Members of the group, obeying and developing under the leadership of the main krumper, generally called Lil 'Homies and have a variety of statuses: "junior" jr, kid, baby, lil, young, "children" boy, child, tiny, infant, twin, "titled" prince, Souljah, General.

The most famous krumpers in the world

Tight Eyez, Slam aka Twin B-Dash aka Manhunta, B-Dash aka Twin Tight Eyez, Jay Tight Eyez, Knucklehead aka Jay NY, Lil B-Dash, Spartan aka Lil Tight Eyez, Crush, Twin Knucklehead, Beno aka Young Tigyt Eyez, E.R. aka Lil MaddRipp, Baby Tight Eyez aka Beast.

The most powerful krump families of the world

Tight Eyez Fam, NY Mad Fam, Mad Ripp Fam, Style Ripp Fam, Slam Fam, B-Dash Fam, Knucklehead Fam, 88 Stones Fam.

Music for the performance of krump

MadDTraXx, Tight Eyez / Chez / Adam2, Konkrete, Alphabex, young Millie, Lil Millie, 300 DaStreetVoice, Boy NY, Tha Goon, Big Rules, Conqeuror, Lil Gully.

What to wear on krump?

Sharp and aggressive character of krump is reflected in the clothes you choose to dance it. Most often it is wide baggy jeans holding a dense form of the material, T-shirts with big bright "talking" pictures and inscriptions, big sneakers, baseball straight visors, bandanas, bracelets and beads. Clothing in Krump is important and often played out during the dance. Grams of Colour: contrasting combination of black, red and white with the use of other bright colors.


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