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Yoga is a set of practices: spiritual, mental and physical. They are developed in different directions of Hinduism and Buddhism and focused on the management of mental and physiological functions of the body in order human to achieve sublime spiritual and mental state.

The history of yoga

The roots of yoga begins in  III-II millennium BC, when the number of prints depicting figures in meditation (yoga) poses have been found in the Indus Valley. The population of Indian civilization has practiced one of the oldest forms of yoga or a ritual similar to it.

For the first time the concept of yoga began to be used in the "Rig Veda" which is the ancient monument of Indian literature.

Yoga-Sutra is the very first guide to the classical yoga of Pat Anjali which is a sage, theorists and practitioners of yoga and ayurvedic doctor.

In this guide, yoga was described as one of the schools of Hindu philosophy, and became known as raja yoga, so that all the other sets it apart from others older schools.

"Yoga Sutras" Pat Anjali also made the basis for a system of Ashtanga yoga, consisting of 8 steps:

Yama is the principles of interaction with the environment
Niyama is the principles of interaction with the internal environment
Asana is the union of mind and body through physical activity
Pranayama is controlling the breath, leading to the unification of body and mind
Pratyahara is a sensory distraction from contact with their objects
Dharana is a targeted concentration of mind
Dhyana is meditation (internal activities, which gradually leads to samadhi)
Samadhi is the superconscious peaceful state of blissful awareness of one's true nature

Simultaneous practice of 3 the highest levels is samyama. Also, these steps are divided into 4 lower, which are compared with hatha yoga and 4 the highest, which belong to raja yoga.

The mention of yoga exist in "Bhagavad Gita" which is a monument of ancient Indian religious and philosophical thought, which describes it as mind control, art activities, awareness of the higher nature of the soul (atma) and the transcendence of the Supreme Lord (Bhagavan). According to the "Bhagavad Gita", the highest goal is getting free the mind from material activities and focusing on the spiritual level, through the dedication of all actions to God.

Yoga in the modern world

In today's world, yoga has become a means to achieve mental and physical relaxation. Yoga appears in fitness centers and dance schools, becoming popular among celebrities.

According to the singer Madonna, now she feels better than 20 years ago, and all thanks to yoga, which helped her to get rid of negative emotions and start to live a full life. And Britney Spears discovered yoga as a way of avoiding anxiety and keep the body in good shape.

In addition, yoga fans are celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Gisele Bundchen, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham and many others.

Yoga Clothing

For yoga you need comfortable clothes, which is not holding down movements. You can wear regular athletic pants or leggings, or Aladdin pants. Also any shirt or T-shirt, light sports jacket can fit. Shoes are not necessary, as doing yoga is barefoot or in socks.

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