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House Dance

House dance it’s a modern dance style. It has been origin from the name of a style of electronic music in Chicago in the early 80s. The name of the style comes from the club Warehouse where in the first DJs started playing house music.

It’s easy to know house dance by intricate rapid and forceful movements of the legs in combination with smooth and relaxed body groove. An apparent easy manner of house dancers is a result of long trainings which allow impressing people and getting real satisfaction from merge of movement and music.

As a social dance which have been formed at parties house incorporates elements of many styles. Those styles gave it a rich variety of movements and ways of self-expression.

An important role in the formation of house has played African and Latin dances, also martial arts, vogue, waacking and break dance. In the end of 80s many hip-hop dancers started to get involved in house. This style combines lot of components of hip-hop culture, which is reflected at the basis of dance, in music, manner, terminology, and even in outfit.

In the basis of house lays an improvisation while the rhythm dictates a fast and complicated foot movement with smooth body movements. The basis of house dance consists of 3 main elements - footwork, jacking & lofting.

Jacking it’s a wavy body groove starting from the hips. It makes the body shake into a music rhythm and move the whole body and to control a center of mass. In honor of this movement are named such house-tracks as: «Jacking all night long», «This is jack house», «Time to jack», «Jack your body» etc.

Footwork is the fastest part of house dance. Footwork it’s a combination of movements of legs with jumps and rolls. Those movements house take from different styles such as tap, salsa, breaking and of course afro dances.

Lofting is a slow and drawling part of house dance. It has been born in the New York club The

Loft and takes its name from here. Torques, waves and acrobatic tricks came from b-boying and capoeira.

Founders and outstanding dancers of house dance:

Ejoe Wilson, Brian "Footwork" Green, Tony McGregor, Marjory Smarth, Caleaf Sellers, "Brooklyn" Terry Wright, Shannon Mabra, Tony "Sekou" Williams, Shannon Selby (aka Shan S), Voodoo Ray, Chris Sawyer and others.

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