Heels - a bold new direction in modern choreography that combines energy of hip-hop, style of jazz-funk, jazz technique and glamor of burlesque , as well as fashion shows, posing and gestures of vogue. Dance Lessons of Heels develop femininity, plastic, artistry, sense of rhythm and musicality, teaches to keep your posture and balance, and, perhaps most important- just to walk beautiful in high heels.

The statement that heels – is the first dance style, which is executed on the heels, of course, would not be true - either way, girls always had to dance wearing heels. But never the shoes did not get such a dance fetish as in this choreography.

The birth of hip-hop on heels

The idea to put hoppers (or rather hopper girls) on their heels came up to the choreographer from Los Angeles, Andy Jay (Andye J), which became famous thanks to the numerous television projects and videos on MTV, working with Tabitha and Napoleon, dance festivals around the world and even commercial for McDonald's. After moving to Los Angeles to teach at the famous Debbie Reynolds school of dance, AndyeJ began filming video choreography in heels and sign his hip-hop heels.

Almost immediately, the initiative of Andy Jay was supported by her colleague from New York - legendary Sheryl Murakami. Just imagine, choreographer of Beyonce – such videos as "Ego", "Who Run the World (Girls)" and "Dance For you" - and choreographer for Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne , Nelly Furtado, P. Diddy, and others. Creating choreography for pop stars of the first magnitude, and providing hip-hop training on heels throughout the world, Sheryl Murakami in a few years made ​​a hip-hop heels same recognized dance style, as, for example, waacking or burlesque. By the way, now Cheryl continues to give dance lessons in the Broadway Dance Centre studio in New York.

In 2010 Dance Centre Myway opened the first studio of heels in Ukraine, and now to learn how to dance and walk on heels as easy as if you were living with Sheryl Murakami in New York or Andye J in Los Angeles.

Borrowing from other styles

Being a brand new dance, heels does not have its own dance database as such. Movement, plastic, style and musicality have been borrowed for the choreography of hip-hop heels from other styles. It gives practically total freedom to choreographers in their performances, and features heels, for example, from jazz-funk, or, even more, from ballroom dancing.

Sense of music, manner and basic movement in the hip-hop on heels came from the traditional hip-hop. Therefore, any choreography, delivered on heels, can be performed in sneakers, and it, though will look slightly different, will remain natural in same way. Elements of jazz and jazz technique posture compensate some coarseness and sharpness of hip-hop, give plastics to dance, lines and classic elements like pirouettes, batman and small jumps. From broadway jazz and burlesque hip-hop heels acquired brightness of emotion, theatricality and pitch, and vogue and waacking, being the progenitors of jazz-funk, enriched his catwalk choreography, impressive provisions and various movements of the arms and hands.

Pop Stars on Heels

Walk on his heels – is simple one thing, but to act and dance on in them – is an art. In XXI century idol dancers heels are Beyonce - a monster when it comes to jumping, tricks and complicated dance synchronously on the heels of any height - Rihanna , Christina Aguilera, Pussycat Dolls with Nicole Scherzinger as leader, Nicki Minaj and Kazaky, that are worth mentioning separately.

Kazaky - guys on Heels

As in the case of jazz-funk, a man performing hip-hop heels, are rare though, but becoming the norm rather the exception. The real breakthrough in the world (and especially Ukrainian) dance industry became Kazaky group of the choreographer Oleg Zhezhel which recording only a few dance videos (the first - "In the Middle", then "Love" and "Dance And Change") under their own tracks, became a sensation on Youtube and one of the most famous dancers in the world.

In their videos Kazaky combine masculinity, strength and muscular naked torsos with plastics, feminine manner, and certainly - 14-inch heels. Popularity of project of Oleg Zhezhel led to the fact that in 2012 the pop diva Madonna invited Kazaky to take part in the filming of her new music video "Girl Gone Wild", and, moreover, used their previous work as a reference for the video.

Dancing shoes for heels

The main thing in dancing shoes - the combination of beauty and convenience. Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna or Lady Gaga on their shows and in videos wear shoes of world famous designers – Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and others. Dancers and choreographers also choose shoes for their own style. Usually, these are bold, spectacularly high heels, but also can be a rough-heeled boots with chains and spikes, boots, half-mast to the ankle, and even jackboots. Wear with it tights, cutted jeans or shorts with knee socks, dresses, shirts, tops or jackets – you can inspire your costumes for heels with favorite videos, concerts, movies and dance videos found on Youtube.

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