Kids dance

Dance skills and propensity to perceive dancing lies completely in every child. The main thing - that the parents did not miss the time when the baby start to dance for fun and it's easy for them.

"The kids groups of Dance Centre Myway engage kids starting from 4 years! At this age, to focus the child is still weak, but there are no problems with imagination! We use this as much as we can.  And someone very tired and wanted to sleep and eat a little ... and Nikita loose tooth and Vanya yesterday got superpowers, so you need to be sure they pay attention to everything. This never-ending passion for the new, we aiming in the right direction. Therefore, conventional dance moves we present under the guise that we "make our way through the jungle," walk "like bears" and "Tigers". These points are converted to employment in an exciting game, and the kid did not notice how quickly he making progress and becoming a dancer. "

Whatever mood toddler is, classes are constructed in such a way that it not only becomes more interesting and fun, but also so that your child step by step, starting with the basics, studied the best of contemporary choreography and dance culture of the XXI century.

"The very first thing we teach a child - to hear the rhythm of the music, feel it, and pass it through a variety of images. Classes begin with warm-up, in during which children repeat and learn new basic movement, then connect them in combination for the development of coordination, and finally taught choreography, added to his own character - and get a dance that remembers, kid is happy and pleased with his performance. "

Older children, in addition to the foundations of modern choreography, develop self-discipline and dedication on the studios.

"For me it is very important to see the diligence and commitment to good result, so I am trying to develop a responsible attitude in my students. All were once beginners seemed awkward and felt uneasy at the first lesson. Therefore, keep the baby in his choice, Encourage him - and then he will develop the habit to bring the follow through and enjoy the results of their own work"

In addition, most importantly, dance classes for children - is not only a comprehensive development and rewarding hobby, but also the best way to find new friends and communicate with their peers.

 "Children learn to communicate with each other, teach each other, to notice the mistakes and correct them in myself. In class we talk, ask each other questions. Kids learn to get used to the image of his hero, let them do that as long as it takes place unconsciously, but they are doing a very important for the yourself work, which results in the future will help them not only become excellent dancers, but also comprehensively developed interesting people. And with kids we regularly organize mini-performances and dance performances. Children from 4 to 12 years old charm you and with their abilities gained from the training skills. These activities will be happening really often, so kids will never be bored in our little world of dance!"

It’s never too late to send children to the dance classes in Dance Centre Myway runs year-round, and no matter when your kid started dancing, he will always feel comfortable and quickly flow into the rhythm of the dance of life.

Group timetable in Dance Centre Myway: