Waacking (waackin ', whackin' or even whacking) is underground Latino and African-American dance style that originated in the American underground gay-disco scene of the early 1970s and receive its name from the English word "waack", which means "waving arms". From other directions waacking differs with femininity, plastic and artistry of its performers, and it is based on various combinations of arm movements, combined with a la podium penetrations and model poses.

History of waacking

Waacking as the dance style originated in New York and Los Angeles in the early '70s as part of the club's US gay culture. Initially it was called «garbo», because dancers copied pretentious theatrical postures characteristic of famous actresses of 40s years, first of all, Greta Garbo. Another name is punking in California. Such an insulting nickname was given by locking dancers in retaliation for gays have borrowed from them some movement. However, there is no confrontation between fans of the two styles, moreover, it has allowed some teachers locking, such as Angel, Sanchez Anna and Shabba Doo, open punking classes. Pretty soon the dance has gained wide popularity.

The founders of the style

At the root of waakin` gets from Lamont Peterson, Mickey Lord and Blinky who firstly used in the dance movements of hands and sharp swings their arms. Followers of the tradition in the mid-70s were Tinker, Arthur, Andrew, Michael Angelo, Billy Starr and other club dancers. But a special place in this list belongs to Shabba Doo and Tyrone Proctor. First one joined the locking and garbo styles (this mix is called shway); the second was able to combine the techniques of the best choreographers of the East and West coasts. There is emergence of this style on the TV also connected with the name of Tyrone Proctor in 1972, he with Jeffrey Daniels performed in  «The Soul Train» popular show. He's the creator og  waacking base as a new form of dance.

Waacking and modern culture

After a decline in the 1990s, waacking experienced a second wave of popularity. In 2008, in the United States and Canada there «The Imperial House of Waacking» (abbr «I.H.O.W.») was created which is community, unites the leading style dancers. Soon France, Japan, Denmark, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Singapore, Italy, China picked up the baton... Choreographers «I.H.O.W.» collaborate with Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, lit up in the movie «Step up 3», the show «So you think you can dance» and dance battles («Geneva Unique battle», «Get Bounce», «SDK Europe battle»).

Components of waacking

Contrary to popular belief, waacking is not just the crazy work of a hands., including a musical point of view, footwork (footwork) with steps borrowed from jazz, house dance, and tap is, as well as the dramatic game, which develops each dancer individually also played an important role.

Outstanding modern dancers

Living legend and legislator style remains Tyrone «The Bone» Proctor, his students King Aus, Lockeroo, as well as Shabba-Doo, Victor M, Anna Sanchez, etc. In Ukraine, perhaps the most widely known representatives are Kazaky, combining waacking and modern choreography.


Music is the main source of inspiration for waacking dancers. Classical performers of this style are Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston and Jackson.

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