Strip plastic

Strip plastic (from the English "strip" - strip) is a direction based on the synthesis of aerobics, modern choreography and movements from erotic dances.

Strip plastic is a style based on a mixture of different directions, for example: jazz-modern, classic dance, oriental dances, latina, modern choreography. The movements in strip-plastic, of course, are inherent in the notes of eroticism, but they do not have vulgarity. The secret is to seduce, without undressing.
There are many directions of strip-plastics. But initially, she was positioned with an exposure in the dance. Similar movements were performed by the priestesses, appealing with the plastic movements of the gaze of the gods. These days it is a feminine, beautiful dance, helping to liberate the soul and body. This dance style can not be imagined without passion and emancipation.

Striptease and a strip plastic - is there any difference?

Definitely yes! Many ones believe that strip-plastic and striptease are the same concepts, but, in fact, it is not. Striptease is the art of beautifully undressing and only one of the many directions in strip plastic. Strip plastic does not require exposure, and it is characterized by softness, plasticity, sexuality, possession of the body, the presence of a good stretch.

This dance teaches to improvise and reincarnate in different ways, trying on new roles that are difficult to translate into everyday life.
What is strip plastic useful for?

Strip plastic helps to overcome their complexes, liberate, maintain a physical shape, develop flexibility, plasticity, the ability to beautifully move and get a lot of fun from classes.

In addition, classes in this direction perfectly strengthen all the muscles of the body, and the movements become relaxed and feminine.
What to wear doing strip plastic?

To practice this style, you can use any clothes that are free for movement, in which you will feel confident. Shoes should also be comfortable, but for a strip plastic you may need heels, socks or sneakers, depending on the nature of the training.

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