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Popping (papping, pop, from the English. Popping) - modern street dance style that gets its name from the characteristic for him popes (pop) and became popular due to its spectacularity and a set of specific techniques to create the illusion of non-human body movements.

History of popping

California considered as a homeland for popping. Popping emerged in 1970 thanks to the Fresno - native Sam Solomon (Sam Solomon) or Boogaloo Sam, founder of the dance team The Electric Boogaloos. There is another version of the origin popping, whose supporters say that it happened in the late 60's, even a few years before Electric Boogaloos, and Sam only contributed to the popularization of the style in the United States.

Popping, locking and breaking

With the spread of popping in the United States some dancers from New York began to use it's elements in breakdance. And after the premiers of Breakin 'and Breakin 2 movies in which popping, locking, and electric boogaloo called one term breaking, there was still existing misconception that popping - this breakdance top style . In fact (as you can read in the description of the hip-hop), the two dance styles have evolved separately from each other and have many differences: breaking was born in the Bronx, New York and performed mostly on the ground, while popping, locking and electric boogaloo took the start in California and performed standing.


 Techniques and substyles of popping

Although originally built on the techniques of popping pop, and hit, the constant presence of this style on the dance battles led to the fact that artists began to use other expressive ilussion directions which later came to be used in popping as it's techniques:

  • Strobing - the illusion of movement in the strobe light;
  • Tutting or King Tut - the style in which the dancers use their hands and feet to create positions of angles and geometric shapes;
  • Waving - successive fluid moves, creating a ripple effect, moving from hands to body;
  • Floating, gliding and sliding - technique of footwork , the famous "Moonlight walk" Mi Jackson took it away;
  • Robot - imitation of robot moves;
  • Slow Motion - specially slow moves like slow motion;
  • Puppet - imitation of puppets moves;
  • Animation - style with a deliberate slow and fast movements, imitating;
  • Crazy legs - dynamic sub-genre in which constant movement of knees and feet crossing gives the impression of crazy and uncontrolled leg.

Musicians popular in popping world:

Kraftwerk, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Twighlight 22, Egyptian Lover, World Class Wrecking Crew, Afrika Bambaataa, Kurtis Blow, Whodini, Run DMC и другие.

Famous poppers of the world and Ukraine:

Salah Benlemqawanssa, Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers, Steffan "Mr. Wiggles" Clemente, Suga Pop, Nam "Poppin'" Hyun Joon, ‘Boppin’ Andre Diamond, David ‘Elsewhere’ Bernal, Ozone, Nixone.

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