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Latin-American dance is general name for ballroom and folk dance, homeland of which is Latin America.
Distinctive features of latina – are energetic, passionate, fire moves leaded with shaking of hips.

History of the origin

Roots of latin-american dance go back to 19th century, when in America were mixed up together African, Spanish and Indian musiс styles. Program latin-american ballroom dance includes  5 elements. History of these dances we will consider in details further.

  • samba;
  • cha-cha;
  • rumba;
  • paso doble;
  • jive.

Samba – brazilian dance, originated in Baya state. Became known because of Brazilian carnivals, which appeared in 1920-30th. And if yet Brazilian carnivals took place traditionally in Rio de Janeiro now they were held in other big cities of Brazil.

Cha-cha – is musical dance and style that came from Cuba. It appeared in 1950th in process of evolution and experiments of Cuban composer Enrique Jorrin with Danson. Dance is still popular on Cuba, where it can be seen in any café and street party.

Rumba is considered as dance with deep emotional content. It appeared in 19th century in Gavana. Theres an opinion that rumba is dance, expressing erotic senses, passion between man and woman. Though primarily rumba is wedding dance, and all the moves mean family obligations.

Jive – is dance originated as african-american, which appeared in USA in the beginning of 1940th. Originally jive – is a type of swing with it’s fast and free movements. Modern dance has different manner from swing, though it has same figures and movements.

Dance is fast and sparkling and it allows not only to show their mastery, but also physical shape. Jive has no jumps.

What to wear on latina?

It is important to see work of your legs when studying latina. That’s why for trainings you need to wear chausses or shorts. As a top you can wear short or top-shirt.

Also it can be gymnastic or ballet suit with tights and short skirt, giving freedom of movements. Body or body shirt also can fit. Under it you should wear pantyleg or thin tights, and skirt on it.

The most important for latina – is comfort of clothing. In order for you to bend, lean, put up the leg, sit or jump.

Music that is used for latina choreography:

Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Mya, Panthera, Dominic Marte, distrito zero, Mendez Feat Yei, Shakira, Orchester Werner Tauber, Lou Bega, Club Latino, Robin Thicke.

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