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Afro fitness

Afro fitness - is a complex of phyzical exercises, the basis of which are african dances.

Afro fitness is a kind of fitness and today has developed worldwide. It is aimed at improving of health, heart, develops flexibility and endurance. Pleasant mood, caused by african music tunes.

Despite the fact that African fitness includes strength training, it helps to get rid of fatigue, which is easily explained by its special approach to human energy. During the class energy is released, passing through the body, and providing its vitality, eliminates the negative. Should go at least to one training session to understand how strong African fitness helps with fatigue and nervousness.

For people who care about their figure, African fitness will also be interesting. Beautiful, slim figure, getting rid of cellulite and a great opportunity to cheer up - is that what workouts are made for?

What to dress on afro fitness?

Clothing for African fitness classes should be comfortable and well stretched. Sweat pants, leggings, shorts, top - shirt or sports jersey. Choose clothes from "breathable fabrics", at least in part of synthetics. On your feet - shoes with special air inserts.

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