Aleksander Bobyk

Aleksander Bobyk is Ukrainian choreographer, dance producer, founder and leader of the Dance Centre Myway.

Career of Aleksander Bobyk started while he was 5 years old with athletic gymnastics. At the age of 15 years Alexander began to study modern dance. At that times breakdance was very popular in Ukraine. In a few years he became one of the most famous breakdancers in Ukraine.

In 1997 Aleksander Bobyk received education of teacher and moved to Kiev. Then together with Konstantin Tomilchenko and Taras Chernienko they created famous team of Soul B.

In 2003 Aleksander Bobyk left Soul B and created Myway hip-hop crew.

In 2005 Dance Centre Myway opened.

In 2006 Dance Centre Myway becomes the most notable school in Ukraine.

In 2007 Dance Centre Myway becomes the official representative of international dance project Dance2XS (USA). It allows holding workshops of top choreographers from all over the world through a series of Project Element for the first time in Ukraine.

In 2008 Aleksander Bobyk is on stage of the first season of "Let’s Dance" as a judge. All viewers remembered him as an honest and straightforward judge.

In 2009 Aleksander Bobyk founds Myway Dance Awards - first Ukrainian dance award. This Award annually celebrates the credits of those who contributed to the development of the Ukrainian dance industry and made the most significant contribution in it during the year.

In 2010 First Ukrainian dance outfit brand Myway Dance Wear appears in Dance Centre Myway

In 2011 Aleksander Bobyk in cooperation with Adidas Ukraine founds I’m Choreographer Dance Competition. Main goal of it is to promote hip hop culture and open young and talented people and stimulate them to grow a choreographer of themselves.

"You should be hardworking, talented and filled from within. You should be able to control your body, to be a systematic and regular, think about own calling every day and every hour. You should be memorable and always have charismatic look, strive to develop and cultivate your dance hunger", - says Alexander Bobyk about the standarts of a professional dancer.

In 2012 Aleksander Bobyk is a stage director of NSC Olimpiyskiy.

In 2013 Myway starts Dance Academy that gives an opportunity both for beginners to professionals to receive advanced knowledge of modern dance art.