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Shut Up and Dance-Con!

On June 16, we invite all fans not only of dances, but also of films, serials, comics, books, stars and TV programs to the biggest show of the season - Shut Up and Dance-Con!

This year, the big summer concert will be special, because not just stars, characters, heroes — but whole universes — all on one stage will be part of it!

The organizers of Shut Up and Dance-Con are the creative team a.m.Project under the leadership of Galya Migel and Anastasiia Artiushok, in the company of the amazing MC - Anastasiia Stipinas!

The guys promise that no one can get bored, even if they try hard!)

The teachers of the center are already preparing for the concert, and you are advised to look for the costume of your favorite character and join our convention of fans!

Premiere this summer, and all the information - very soon on our pages!

Shut Up and Dance Details:
Subject: ComicConDate: June 16
 Time: 19:00
Location: Scene 6 (1 Vasilkovskaya St.)

Ticket price
- cost of tickets for the audience: 250 UAH.
- cost of tickets for students of the center: 230 UAH. 

When buying on the day of the concert: 270 UAH.

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