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Myway Kids` Academy 2019

On June 3, the second children's dance academy starts - a unique project in the structure of the children's direction Dance Center Myway, the purpose of which is to train and expand the knowledge of young dancers in the field of dance art.

The team of teachers of the Children's Academy in 2019 has absorbed professionals in their field who have extensive experience in teaching, who use unusual forms of supplying specialized material to their students.

Teachers of the Children's Academy in 2019 will be: Katya Voronina, Artyom Spitfire, Alisa Sokolovskaya, Sasha Badaboom, Julia Oshchepkova, Angelina Melnik, Anya Guarana, Dasha Izmalkova.

Insanely interesting dance subjects - top styles await our future students:-hip-hop;- jazz-funk;- contemporary;- dancehall;- locking + house;- krump;- vogue + waacking;- stretching.

Dates: 03.06-05.07Number of hours: 75 hours
Classes are held:
Days: Monday - Friday
Time: 10: 00-14: 00

When paying before May 1 - 3990 UAH
If you pay after May 1 - 5500 UAH

Summer holidays are the most wonderful time to combine long-awaited holidays with obtaining new knowledge in your favorite dance hobby, to deepen and broaden your horizons, to gain in a short time skills that were previously unknown or acquired in fragments during the school year.

We open registration now!

You can find the registration form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1v6FhpXk_gs9THhPpaBQ2tlG_VNkaE5Ym5fU_B7CDmVI/edit?usp=sharing

More information you can find out from the curator of the children's direction - Katya Voronina!
Tel: +380953862965 (Viber, What’s App, Telegram)
Direct: www.instagram.com/katyavoroninaMessenger:
Email: voronina@mywaydance.com

Hurry up to take the desired place among the young students of the Academy of 2019!